AURIC Corpus ~production~ View this post on Instagram Whole circle as complete #artist, working in "all" visual techniques, and more…stating what's #Auraism & Auric production in every facet of life. To "Image & Likeness" means- we share #God's #Aura or #Light: link that unifies everything in the entire #Universe. note- #XSole is brand name AContinue reading

View this post on Instagram Received the book 📖 in which I was selected: BEST Modern & Contemporary ARTISTS 2019" with trophy!!! 🏆, nice detail. Curated by Francesco Russo & Salvatore Saverio. ART NOW. EA Rome. #People can order the book directly from: Publisher- ASS. EA Editore Via Pascoli, 7 Palermo -90144 IT- Italy. Tel.Continue reading