“EMPIRE STATE”- Dream of Initial Constructors. Wishing Happy Labor Day with EMPIRE STATE -Dream of Initial Constructors- Based on the #iconic #NewYork’s building, and also how #ancestral minds could erect a #monolith. Auric #Sculpture & #Painting/s: Made w. #Pyrite, which I identify as #Manhattan’s #mineral. Dreamed Building’s #Aura & its Shadow, painted w. #Acrylic onContinue reading “AURIC SCULPTURE & PAINTING/S”

Nature Teachings: “Coexistence”

COEXISTENCE 2 distinct #plants in the same sm.pot, they live & grow together peacefully. #Human Analogy- Coexistence instead of fighting or arguing. It is an urge for cooperation, unity and peace. The 2 Protagonists’ #Aura: – A Little #Tree- known as “White Mulberry” or #Botanical name “Morus Alba”, is growing up from a planted tinyContinue reading “Nature Teachings: “Coexistence””

Spirituality + Art + Science

Updating the #scientific (*) discoveries. My “Theory Of Everything’s Genesis & Development”, has been broken down in more #theories: 0- The Light’s Spectrum (Invisible & visible) is The Guide. 1- Aura (or Energy) as maximum Link, unifying all in the entire Universe. 2- Sun’s Aura is the Model for the wellbeing on Planet Earth. 3-Continue reading “Spirituality + Art + Science”