Saving Plants & Bees

Continuing the Series-

Ideas to Save Planet Earth

#Fall’s Plants & the Bees. Caring for a little #orchard at home: planted #seeds kept from #organic lemons, peaches, olives, plumbs, strawberries… herbs & other vegetation from #NYC parks. And one in special original from #CentralPark, which strangely blossoms in early #Autumn, attracting #bees powerfully! it’s not just #beautiful, has got an irresistible delicate #perfume, last year when i transplanted it grew up like crazy!. There’s more than a symbiotic relationship between this plant’s #flowers & the bees, it looks like an authentic affair!!, even ignoring me around. We might help the bees to survive, for #ideas to Save #Planet #Earth planting gorgeous plants, also assisting them to cross-pollination. #Qarantinelife. #Love for #Nature #NatureWonders. #EarlyFallViews #Pollination. Remember BEES are extremely essential, vital for life on Earth Thanks #DurstResidential

Published by Xusca Sole -Social Media Influencer-

Creator of Auraism (everything has aura in the Universe), which is more than the last art style. - Founder of AURA = ENERGY Corp. Images' Production & Distributor. (2001) - Founded "ART for EVERYBODY" [AfE] non profit. (2011) - Founder effective "Social Media Marketing MS". (2015)

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