Spirituality + Art + Science

Updating the #scientific (*) discoveries. My “Theory Of Everything’s Genesis & Development”, has been broken down in more #theories: 0- The Light’s Spectrum (Invisible & visible) is The Guide. 1- Aura (or Energy) as maximum Link, unifying all in the entire Universe. 2- Sun’s Aura is the Model for the wellbeing on Planet Earth. 3- Star Born -every living being gets inner star shape-. 4- Radial Formation- from a tiny seed. 5- Patterns’ Reproduction- in all living forms. 6- Auric Correspondences- physical & spiritual (or astral) worlds are alike. 7- Unstoppable Nature- Its tendence to grow towards any way. 8- Love is into each DNA’s strings, in all Universe’s beings. (*) my research was conducted using both sides of the brain, then scientific is not a limited term. To reach these conclusions had to unify #Science + #Art + #Spirituality, which is one of my missions. Note- Intellectual Insights brought by The Light, research started 33 years ago, documented with #photography, #digital #graphics, #painting, #sculpture, #reliefs, #video, #animation,… #Auraism. (c) #XSole https://www.instagram.com/p/CMU2OMEhFZD/?igshid=1qz44e2flksiu

Published by Xusca Sole -Social Media Influencer-

Creator of Auraism (everything has aura in the Universe), which is more than the last art style. - Founder of AURA = ENERGY Corp. Images' Production & Distributor. (2001) - Founded "ART for EVERYBODY" [AfE] non profit. (2011) - Founder effective "Social Media Marketing MS". (2015)

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