New Scientific Theory:

Presenting my new scientific theory ner.11- “AURIC INTERRELATIONS”: “Differences & similarities- convergence in -one- energy’s field, which is the aura”.

Physics’ electromagnetic forces are auras in reality, and “we are one”. Here painted slightly w. digital palette. I’m proud to unify : Science + Art + Spirituality (S.A.S) .

Applying it to every being, entity or object (interrelationship) in the entire universe/s. Illustrated with marine shells- snails & oysters, their auric permutations. There is difference of structure -forming geometric designs- and shapes, but both are shells, crustaceans, can live in the same saline waters.

Auric Reliefs on Paper. Auraism © XSole – Digital Art.

Published by Xusca Sole -Social Media Influencer-

Creator of Auraism (everything has aura in the Universe), which is more than the last art style. - Founder of AURA = ENERGY Corp. Images' Production & Distributor. (2001) - Founded "ART for EVERYBODY" [AfE] non profit. (2011) - Founder effective "Social Media Marketing MS". (2015)

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