Years of Auraism-2

Selected Auric Images

Mediums & Techniques: Drawing on Paper- Crayon, OilPastel, Watercolor. // Painting on Canvas- Acrylic, Oil // Reliefs- Seeds, Leaves, Little Stones. // Sculpture- Minerals & Stones, Wood, Clay, Shells. // Computer Graphics. // Scientific Photography. // Engraving. // Printing. // Digital Art. // Motion.

Published by Xusca Sole -Social Media Influencer-

Creator of Auraism (everything has aura in the Universe), which is more than the last art style. - Founder of AURA = ENERGY Corp. Images' Production & Distributor. (2001) - Founded "ART for EVERYBODY" [AfE] non profit. (2011) - Founder effective "Social Media Marketing MS". (2015)

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