“ART’S FUNCTIONALITY” and “AURAISM”—essay & Auric images by Xusca Sole

Did you ever think on Art’s functionality?.

Art has almost just one function: to serve as decoration’s object, despite the huge quantity of writings that art critics have spent in History and today.
The most avant-garde, dramatic,  questioning & visceral art becomes garnish, decorating a room or outdoors, wherever it is.
In the best cases, it’s a window through which the spectator can live a mind adventure, fueled by his/her own imagination, no more than watch TV or any moving image on computer’s screen.
Mention apart- like fetish, wealthy collector’s or some rich’ sicknesses to “possess” a master piece bought at high price. And of course dealing with art just for investment or crude business.


“Riverside” -Manhattan- Person’s & dog’s aura.

Breaking away with the art of the past, focused on a mere description of reality, and later as catharsis after the photography’s invention, concepts that artists still are using; “Auraism”(*) -the last style- or “visual energy” places art in its proper category~ the responsibility of the artists is to help others with their work.

True artist has been always concerned about social problems, poverty, wars, violence & justice, due to his/her high sensitivity.
Artists should address their work to the wealthy who buy, the rich and the middle class, but also to the poor people- must attain popularity and reach the whole world, because the artist’s message is worth of it.
Freedom is the word that characteristics an artist’s soul, to be, express and create.

All Art History lacks to exhibit the aura of every art piece. Only in religious icons do they show up in form of “halos” or other small symbols, a vague idea, just to distinguish or separate the sanctified from those that are not. Some cases are the exception as “The Virgin Of Guadalupe”- who appears with a full aura surrounding her, and also “The Miraculous Virgin”, her hands distill rays.
The aura is on any being, in all Nature and all over the Universe.


       “Swans”~ Animals’ Aura

It is not patrimony of the saints, gods or of any religion.
Where there is energy, its aura exists.
Aura is like an X-ray in colours, which expresses the energy of animate and inanimate bodies.
The aura of the sun, the moon, stars and electric lamps in general, demonstrates the intensity of their light.
The aura of humans, animals and plants denotes clearly the physical, animic and psychic changes.
Human auras are a detector of truth and a diagnostic of their health.
The analysis of the aura is a study of reality far beyond appearances.


“St. Marks” NYC~ People’s Aura

This present millennium will see the beginning of the human being’s true light, of a complete understanding on the Universe’s Laws- everything will be different and no longer feel & think the same way, there is a final break from the past in the immature attitude of the mankind.

Because all is interconnected,
(*) Auraism is more than an art style, it is (art) but also science and above all spirituality, remember~ we are made to “Its Image & Likeness”.


“Mediterranean dawn” – Sun’s rays, science’s photography. Aura or light’s spectrum.

2013 ©- all rights reserved.

Essay mostly written in 2005 and finished now.

2 thoughts on ““ART’S FUNCTIONALITY” and “AURAISM”—essay & Auric images by Xusca Sole

  1. Many thanks dearest Xusca Sole sharing an eight years long research and fact collection on Aura =Energy, from 2005 to 2013. The exposition is too classic, full of intellect with matching images. Great to learn that a new human civilization will evolve in 21st millennium ..Wonderful commentary by you Ms Xusca on Art,s functionality .. The aurasim style concepts are beautifully worded for easy understanding . MOSTLY THIS SCEINCE AND ART OF AURA ENERGY IS NOW LINKED BY INTELLECTUALS WITH SPIRITUALITY AND REGARDED AS LEVEL OF ENLIGHTENMENT ON PATH OF SEEKERS OF TRUTH ..

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