“LIFE ‘S ORIGIN & PROCESS”- Essays by Xusca Solé : Evolutionism Vs Creationism & other theories , better “R^EVOLUTION”: Science + Spirituality together.

As an artist commited with the creative process, it is a constant to think how to generate new images,

that brings me back~~ to the very starting of the cosmos’ life, joined to concerns of real facts’  theoric explanations.

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Few Philosophies are closer to our destiny & mission.

When I started this blog, never crossed my mind to end up with “Other Theories”, it takes courage to face some subjects that still are tabu, because the official culture considers completely fiction.
“Life’s Origin & Process” as essay & the small book “Light + Water” were written years ago; to make the blog I wanted to research much more, and a lot of info. documentation
emerged unexpectedly.
Always I thought that to admit the existence of other realities, implies to hold a very strong head, otherwise insanity may invade our brains.
But now there is too much stuff to ignore and we are not blind.
Present science is afraid to openly question theories outside planet Earth, scientists haven’t the guts to do that.
Because I’m an artist -can say anything I want- fantasy is the creative field; although this time is not my invention, not even something from the spiritual realm, isn’t intuition.
Check by yourselfs the Videography and good luck, my intention is not convert people in believers, but we can’t go forward as paralytics, suffering mind disability.




Darwin’s warning

The world’s origin is sullied of speculations which have not been settled “yet”, now however its accepts as certain a theory “The Origin Of Species” attributed, you know, to Darwin; in the schools and universities is required to assume and study Biology & Nature from this exclusive point of view.
While in the subconscious of present generations, subsists a vision that the world was created by God; it prevailed with enormous intensity along human history until nineteenth century’s final.


In spite of that, the Occidental official culture has spreaded all mediums to impose Evolutionism, as unique truth to certain logic science, but it could not kill the idea and feeling of God.
We’ve wanted to finish with the myths to theorize serious things, like we figure up the Greek philosophers did when they left aside their Mythology, and started the magnum task of reality’s dissection, dividing it in physics and metaphysics (beyond of) and inaugurating science, as mother of the modern Occidental thought.



We should recognize that it really was a transcendent accomplishment, because their gods just offered metaphors and extraordinary stories moved away from the people’s daily life. However, now that has elapsed so much time since science’s birth, and too many scientific theories have been refuted or declared obsoletes, left out for invalidity, surpassed by others more convincing. We would have to ask ourselves if behind the sacred books’ metaphors or riddles, as Greek Mythology’s compendium, the Bible, Koran or Upanishads, its hides those secrets, the “Wisdom” which scientific minds have wanted to remove from the sources, and expressed it by conventional mediums. It means invented by human beings- like formulas, aphorisms, languages or mathematical symbols. 

It was necessary to flee from religious dogmas, that imposed by force a “Creationist” vision. Because along the historic process, very grave facts occurred, to remember: with a cross like a flag and the dreaded medieval Panthocrator, from the churches, the clergy directed some of the most bleeding wars proclaimed in the name of God.
Men effected confusion, the order has remained intact, if there are guilties we’ve to look at the intransigence, thirst of power and to excessive foolish ambition or greed.
It had to be like this for the humans’ mental and spiritual evolution, to give us account that nothing -just misery- can be obtained by murdering others, without to predict the reactions or consequences; as well can not be induced through psychological weapons of the media, concepts strictly materialist of life’s and humanity’s progress.


If previously, minds and persons were divided by truth’s search, between religious who believed blindly and in scientists that trusted only on physical results, we are falling into other deeper abyss now. Because religion has not the right to impose dogmas, neither to condemn anybody, and less to fit itself to God’s image & likeness.
But it’s not fair either that science coverts itself in a magnum religion- if don’t believe on what it establishes you are out of place and criticized under their intellectual prejudices, which leaves aside other possibilities of thought and existence. Neither has not the right to manipulate the information and ignore another more outstanding.


Religions and sciences subtly prohibit to controvert their creeds. Where did we get to?. It seems we wanted us deviate from the way, to know exactly every step but at the end of the history’s tortuous paths, we are going to arrive at the center of the same. With more knowledge of causes, yes, with a great data’s bank (our culture), with which now we can consciously examine the divine image in all nature and universe, “uniting” this mystical essence of the religions with the investigation’s method that science employs. Because we’ve to observe the facts as have been produced, and admit that parallelwise to the education the students receive at scholastic centers, their brain is formed by the teachings transmitted from parents to children. They learn a system of values -many times without logic, neither scientific- but unforeseenly, it influences on the reality’s perception and in their capacity to face life.


Environment is not solely the school, it is as you know the home where one grows, those relatives who surround the infants, and the streets with their companies and diversions.
Tradition has too strong weight to attempt be erased from our memories.
If you try to think how an individual falls in limited and radical positions as the science’s representatives, you will find amusing contradictions, look: the mind of a scientific is dramatically divided in two, a love for research -to bring new discoveries by his/her own hand- and a powerful feeling toward God; when agnostics and atheists are desperate, lost or disoriented in experiments…or personal life, immediately they appeal to an invisible presence to illuminate them, surrending, when nothing can help.

With the attitude we take to focus on things from a sole face, in this case on the world’s scientific version by physical evidences only, we lead the people to tragedies which can be avoided, for example the sensations of emptyness that the contemporary individual constantly feels and determine deplorable social behaviors; the vacuum provoked by no values or absence of faith.
If science could be able to handle and solve the human being’s basic needs, to the height we are now, we already would be happy, enjoying of as many invents and leisures, but this is not real!! because somewhat fundamental is lacking to us: the one we can trust with hope and above all without limitations.
Science’s posture along History or its method to analyze a subject is to forget (many times) the general context, that interconnections with other elements in its interest for specialization. We can not explain an isolated fact, neither less listen just one voice or tendency, to pass judgement on something extremely important as the origin and the process of life in our planet.


previous photos taken at American Museum of Natural History




The book:
-Earth Life’s Origin-

This work illustrates how with just the components of water (H2 O) and light, always its can generate life in our planet, or better to say that: it’s with the energy’s interaction of the light and water, that its creates and produces life on Earth, and may appear under conditions of intense natural or artificial light.

This is not a retrospective study of how was originated terrestrial life in the beginning, it’s to remember how the energy of these elements -light + water- gets to reconstruct our natural history or Nature, and in case of vital need we can start again.

White light contains the full chromatic spectrum. Light produces heat because the respective frequency and vibration of their colors in its spectrum.

This book exhibits the light from different sources, but with “the same” chromatic spectrum: the sun, moon, electricity (distinct lamps’ intensity), fire & fireworks.






Do you believe in aliens?
If yes I don’t have to show proofs and try to convince you, right now there is so much evidence on archeological discoveries around the planet; besides that along the Internet is full of documentals & texts, youtube, web, blogs, digital magazines, etc. describing the origins of human race as we know, like we are- back to extraterrestrial matrix.


Dr.Vittorio Canuto from NASA, talking a little mad (3D photo)



With Prof. Ruben Worrell of NASA and Goddard Space Flight Center.

No problem to accept the Christian version of Creationism- one God created everything; and also followers & advocates of Earth Evolution, until right before the Home Sapiens, so what’s going on?


I got the honor to know personally Brian Green, meeting often at Tom’s Restaurant (“Seinfeld” TV show) in Manhattan.

Brian Green said in a tweet of 24 Apr 14 “My interview with @CBSNews about poll showing majority of Americans don’t believe in evolution or big bang”: ow.ly/3jzVyZ

CBS News concluded:
“Americans not confident Big Bang or Evolution is real, poll shows”.
“Most Americans have no qualms about saying smoking causes cancer, but when it comes to other scientific concepts, they are less than confident”.


“Creativity without knowledge is chaotic -knowledge without creativity is tedious”- Brian Green expressed on twitter.


Let’s talk about the “other theories”, accepted or not by the establishment.


This is scientific- earliest Europeans appeared 35.000 years ago, were the Men of Cromagnon, named for the caves in South France, who had Rh- , same type of blood in vasque people, North Spain.

Certainly it is a kind of incredible tale, derivating posteriorly in the Greek Mythology?.
Annunakis, giants visitors from outspace are the subject in the world’s creation at the Sumerians’ 7 Tablets.

Sumerians, older civilization than Egyptian, as well Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, and in the other side of the planet India, China…all of them related the same story- about Earth creation, Archeology has uncovered relevant information, that can change Human History as we know it.
In the Sumerians’ 7 Tablets is written that a mysterious planet X collided, exploded and was divided in two: the Earth or 7 planet (7 colors, 7 days…) and the other part called Nibiru- planet UFO where the Annunakis lived, they were responsible to create genetically by engineering (blood & DNA) at their image & likeness- the human beings.


It was 445.000 years ago when they came to Earth creating “Adam”, the first- mankind’s creation from alien genetic engineering.
Babylonian texts talking about the comet, Eloim in the Bible describes “water above (space) & below (Earth)”, and as I said in the book “Light +Water” if it is water there is life, because oxygen can be extracted.
Judaism, Christianity, Muslims, each one says ” we were created to Image & Likeness (of God)”.
Babylon tried to reach heavens building the tower, high & higher and were punished for it, the origin of different languages came from that episode.

In Mesopomamia’s Archives, as well through Mayans & Inca cultures is engraved on the temples’ stones the same story, even found drawings of extraterrestrial figures with bigger heads, some are giants, and others shorter look like astronauts with oval ships.

About half million years ago, Annunaki an advanced culture, more intelligent, technological & spiritually arrived to Earth looking for gold, because their planet Nibiru was going too close to the Sun, nothing could stop a total aniquilation.
Their scientists determined- building walls of pure gold (indestructible metal) around would protect Nibiru, the story is so extense, detailing aristocratic lineage, as marrying between families for blood conservation, so many adventures that I prefer to explain the facts (you may watch the videos).
One king’s brother decided to come alone to investigate the possibilities to extract gold massively, they already knew was plenty of it, he went back to Nibiru with the good news, but nobody wanted to work so hard to get the gold, it is when the idea was conceived: to create a hybrid, multiplying it as slaves army to do the job- get the enormous amounts of gold that the Annunakis desesperately needed.

They generated in vitro the human being, mixing two bloods- the one from Earth which now is classified as Rh+ because responds positive to “Rhesus” (ancient monkey’s gen), and with their own blood, alien or Rh- (is negative to Rhesus).

Nobody knows the origin of Rh- on Earth, just this Annunaki’s interpretation is given, still now is only 15% of the global population.

But besides Annunakis, beings from other planets showed up on Earth, copulating also with terrestrial females and pregnant them, generating different races.

Why did the aliens leave? most versions talk about they escaped to a cataclysm, the universal dilution or another comet hit the Earth.

According to the stories, what appears to be clear (conclusions) is- we the contemporary humans have alien blood, documents describe psychological and even physical characteristics (especially 0Rh- “the universal”) and all combinations of Rh- are direct extraterrestrial bloodline.

Please Rh+ don’t get mad, it was and is a bigger plan going on…designed by God -believed or not-.
Doesn’t matter the kind of blood or origin, if ones are more animals than the others, so what? I personally love deeply animals and Earth Nature.


The Universe’s purpose with all planets and cosmic events has just one finality: to learn, how to coexist & live together.
If we come from Nibiru or the Pleiades is completely fine, it’s an amazing fantastic history, you can accept or not,
the bottom line is- we are now here, our ancestors were constantly fighting, to survive and get the power, making sacrifices of the innocents, killing each others, so we have to learn and stop the craziness of wars & violence, everything can be conquered by dialog or diplomatic negotiations, from the heart to the head of every single person on Earth.
In the Universe still are floating the alien planets that supposedly created us, probably observing the development, waiting, watching what kind of History we are going to write.


photo from New Universe Daily in a tweet Dec. 1-14 “Kepler’s supernova remnant exploded about 400 years ago”
#space #universe 


something very curious, I left to rest this blog in 2014, the following videos were pretty accurate checked, now most of the links are not working,  except 2 marked with (X), purposely keep showing them, you may find out:

Videography :


– “Hubble Reveals Creation Confirms God Created the Universe”.


– “Origins of the Human Races”


– “Ape to Man: Evolution Documentary History Channel”


– “Evolution: The Origin of Man and Why We Prevailed”


– “The Evolution of Humans Documentary-2”


– “New Race / Species of Human Discovered”


– “Non-Human DNA Found in Elongated Paracas Skulls”

http://youtu.be/-QnF RvEaAg

– “Strange Facts About Rh Negative People”


– “Explanation of RH Negative Blood” (research needed)


(X) – “The RH Negative Blood Type: Basque & The Cromagnon”


– “Los Annunaki: El Verdadero Origen de la Humanidad”


– “Mankind’s Creation from Alien Genetic Engineering”


– “History Science People / Giant Human Skeleton”


– “Atlantis: The Real Truth – Ancient History Documental”


(X) – “Pleiadian Alaje – HEALING THE SOCIETY”


– “Galactic Federation of Light- Message from the Pleiadians”



To be continued , wait for more conclusions. 

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