” LIGHT ” ~ essays, poetry & images by Xusca Sole

What if the world is (an invisible) whole luminosity?


Spirituality- Art- Science [S.A.S]


A little girl was left every day alone sitting on the chair, she watched to the window a tiny point in the infinite, becoming bright, luminous until the Light, sparkling, showed up, bit by bit.


“Sun’s rays on Hudson River”, science’s photography.

First was the light and later everything else.

With light, water & seeded soil, life on Earth can start all over again.

All has its particular aura [light] or energy’s image,
uncovered and expressed in: the Sun, Moon, stars, electric lights, person-people, animals, plants-flowers, minerals, symbols, objects-things, elements and…


“Lighter”- Fire’s & electric lights’ energy or aura, science’s photo (direct) without laboratory’s tricks.

This work is an artistic investigation of electromagnetic energy, popularly known as the aura. Since “everything is valid” in art, it has been possible to enter into other facets not mimics, by other conceptual formulas, grasping on themes of Psychology, politics, religious, anthropologics, of Philosophy,…, playing from the liberal artistic bench.
I dared to transfer the vision of aura to art.

For the wise Presocratics, it was a real mystery the mechanism of physics and chemistry, and still burned scientists three centuries ago, just for daring to claim the existence of other realities. Human ignorance is exemplified in one point: before Einstein and his Theory Of Relativity, the subject belonged to science fiction literature.

The awakening of other senses, means that the reality’s perception can be viewed differently.


“What remains is the memories’ aura”, oil pastel & printed on paper.


“Crowd” W.T.C (detail), acrylic & pastel on canvas.


E N E R G Y ‘ S M E A N I N G

Energy is equal for all the world, and its manifests in strength or weakness, in moments of sorrow, depression or despair, when we are glad, euphoric or in peace and happy, in the courage, bravery or with insecurity and fear, also in the highest degrees of faith and those different states of love, but it is in the scorn too, with anger, jealousy, envy, avarice, gluttony, ambition, in the hatred, depravity, degeneration… until the crime as we know.

It seems does not make distinctions between good and evil, however it understands about justice, because through the energy its pays and realizes all acts, thoughts, feelings and desires.

During much time, energy has been object of scientific research, exclusive and specifically in its application, albeit its has given a poor cultural meaning to it; thus energy has been important as planet’s economical resource: electricity -getting and functioning- electronics and nuclear energy; its finds in all elements -air, fire, water, earth, metals and others unknown-, in the movement and statics.

Its has had on account in scientific theories, starting by the Greek philosophers, in Middle Age’s alchemic experiments, and later in Newton’s mechanicism, on electrodinamic, at electromagnetism’s insight, Quantic Theory and in the last discoveries on Atomic Physics.


“PARENTS ON TOP”- Drawing from a photo taken at The World Trade Center’s last floor, showing 2 kinds of energy- physical and spiritual: the Sun’s partial spectrum & it’s reflection on the floor + this couple [human aura at that moment].

But along History, energy or light has been studied with a deeper and generic meaning too, it was the “occult” subject of the great religions and philosophies most antiques -even ancestrals-, from Orient as well Occident.

For example, in the whole Buddhist world “Tantra” & the “Kundalini” are spiritual sex energies -most complete- working towards an awakening, individual or for both partners to acquire enlightenment, we find the very same mystical “experience” all over the world,
at the main core of Kabbalah’s “Tree Of Life” and with the “original” Christian teachings, among other sacred texts.

And the greatest energy or light: “Takionic” formulated in Egypt by Imothep -best known as Hermes Trismegistrus- who described the reality in 3 planes: physical, mental & spiritual and according to it he built the Saqqara Pyramid. This is the energy of “thought”, faster than physical light, it’s a primary (energy +-) which creates and maintains the order in the chaos & on the matter.
This Takionic energy is the same that N.Tesla applied to his electromagnetic experiments and discoveries, thanks to them today we can use computers & cellphones.

Energy does not discriminate to anything, neither to anybody, it functions equal in all races, social or economical status, ages, sex, religions, political ideas, philosophies, cultures, in the animal, vegetable, mineral kingdoms, in everything created by human beings (objects & symbols); in every situation, geography and boundary; neither it watches the big or small, if it is up or down; its behaviors of the same manner inside an atom as in the macrostructure.

When we see energy’s images (or aura) we leave out the appearances, because it is true informing us: their shapes and auric colors are real portraits, which obviously change and transform themselves, however energy is the same, one unique for all Universe.
Anything that divides to beings and entities is false.



Visual Poetry with background Sun’s aura (rays & projections) on the river.


There is something that unifies to all,

and that it is equal in the whole Universe.

Everything has its origin in energy,

participates and changes by it.

Our Sun is only a big star in the Cosmos,

a descendent from the Eternal Pattern,

which is the energy that created all.

This Eternal Pattern does not discriminate, and it is the

maximum expression of justice,

because it operates by action-reaction,

and it is always working on all levels.

Energy is not just physical,

it has many manifestations and bodies,

it is the main force constitutive,

the power that forms, changes and regulates.

All distinct beings and entities

emit the same energy in equal situations.

They have only one subject in common:

Beyond appearances, ENERGY UNIFIES ALL.

Published -poem- by The National Library Of Poetry in the Anthology “Winds Of Freedom”,

and also by The International Library Of Poetry in other Anthology “A Celebration Of Poets” -Showcase Edition-).


“Sun and Moon” -rays or aura- science’s photographs.




Newton discovered the light’s spectrum through a prism, based on his definition: “Spectrums or Spectra are the series of colors ranging from red through orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo to violet. White light is really composed of all these colors. You can break a beam of white light into a “spectrum” by passing it through a spectroscope. A rainbow is the result of rain acting as a spectroscope on the sunlight that passes through it”. We can see this phenomenon also in water with oil, and through glasses too. “The primary colors are red, yellow and blue. They form the basis for mixing the other colors”, generating their secondaries and complements.
“Even higher frequencies yield ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays, all of which are invisible to the human eye. This tremendous set of frequencies is called electromagnetic spectrum” (*).


Light = energy was the principal objective for image researchers. Kirlian uncovered the energy or aura photographed. Technology revealed infrared film. And the last denominated aura’s photographs are in the market for a while. But as you can observe below*, they’ve reached only the superficial aspect of the aura (very close to physical bodies), energy just in heat’s state and the shapes and colors that produces it: the P.A.B.

People are confused about energy, light and aura, due to insufficient real information. As I said before,energy is not just physical, it has many manifestations and bodies, it’s the main force that constitutes everything, and we remember: “energy is not created, neither is destroyed, only transforms itself”.
It’s the power that forms, changes and regulates the whole Universe.



Auric fields or Aura’s bodies
(yet invisible)

a) P.B – (Physical Body) – All matter –

b) H.E.M.A – (Health’s Electro
magnetic Aura):

– P.A.B (Physical Aureous Body)
– E.A.B (Ethereal Aureous Body)
– V.A.B (Vital Aureous Body)

Everything that exist -the Sun Energy Spectrum is their model-

c) T.E.M.A – (Thought’s Electromagnetic Aura):

– A.A.B (Astral Aureous Body)
– I.M.A.B (Inferior Mental Aureous
– Human Beings –

d) S.E.M.A.B – (Superior Electromagnetic Aureous Body):

– S.A.M.B (Superior Aureous Mental Body)
– S.A.B (Spiritual Aureous Body)

– Human Beings, some Animals, Flowers & Plants –

e) M.E.O.C – (More Elements Of Constitution):

– C.H.E.C (Chakras- Energy. Centers)
– E.R (Exterior Rays)
– G.E (Guide Energies)
– F.O.T (Forms Of Thought)

– Human Beings, Animals, Flowers & Plants –


New Acronyms from Knowledge by the author.

Copyrighted at The Library Of Congress (Washington)


“Sexual energy” [much better with love and exceptional with Tantra]
Acrylic & charcoal on canvas.



From the matrix’s darkness,

to bright white light,

physic, mind’s & spiritual eyes

are progressively open

to chromatic spectrum.

As all matter, perception,

becomes built in an energy’s sensor:

love is the development’s motor.

You know, when it’s corresponded,

we feel ourselves illuminated,

but all is obscure in its absence.

The changing relationships

between black & white

with the primary colors:

blue, yellow & red,

and the secondaries:

green, orange, violet,

with their infinite mixtures,


Published by the International Library Of Poetry,
and poetry.com


“Self-portrait”- First Aura’s works with computer graphics & print.

(*)- http:www.laserium.com/Inside.html

Most of the blog was written early 2000 th, images bet. 90th-12 in NYC.
Updated- 2014
© -All rights reserved-

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