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Humans are the less evolved beings on Earth & have to learn the most important teachings from the animals: how to handle love in any situation.

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul”.A. Douglas Williams -“Inside the Divine Pattern”-.

Mascots are teaching us love all the time, for example: growing together, pets love each other no matter if they are cat and dog.


Animals definitly get soul, we can see it closely in our pets, they’re not just smart, and show unconditional love for their owners, each one reveals each unique personality.


They worry about you when something changes, noticing any little altered behavior.


Mascots know “exactly” the “timing”~ when you wake up, the hours to walk out, to feed them,…, their brain’s clock is more accurate than the human’s.


Pets have develop supernatural abilities -the sixth sense- much more than the humans, perceiving energies & seeing the auras, hearing from long distances & other frequencies, and are telepathic beings.


PRINCESS talks with one of the sweetest voices,
gladly jumping here to there,
she’s ever my pretty quite soft,
like the cotton plant in flower.
Her sole presence brings me
so much joy and tenderness.Pets are projections of the Divine.


Mascots can not replace the children of your own, a spouse or anybody, because they are not substitutes. A dog, cat or any pet is a loving being always close to you.


Pets do not learn languages but may understand all, because is the intention, voice’s tone-energy-behind the words what they feel.Animals do not take bullshit, knowing when you are sincere.


What someone once said is probably true “a pet is God’s gift, a living present that we need to accompany us”.Mascots are always very close to who takes care of them.


In their own mind, mascots observe & think.

He was a good runner, developing strong muscles. It’s important animals get enough exercise for their wellbeing.


My dog was pretty attached to me, most of the time.


What a selfie, my Princess got mad!


My cat made these drawings, playing with her food when she was eating.



It’s chili, Spike with his sweater at home
the body’s temperature is getting warm, below Auric Painting [digital palette]



Since the animals come to our lives, we must

These writings were inspired by my mascots, could be your pets or any dear animal on Earth.

started in 2013, finally i finish this blog during the pandemium, with much more time confined at home.

Copyright (c) 2020

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